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Grow Beyond Creative Plateaus

With great power, comes great responsibility. And I think you all know where I'm going with this.. Maybe not. As you look to become more capable and effective as an artist, you will undoubtedly run into spans of your career where you plateau feeling a bit lost. Well not to worry, its completely natural and most times very temporary. It will take you being proactive and showing yourself a little intentional planning.

So here are the simplified action steps to get you rolling again:

Step 1: Identify the problem

Yes much like the scientific method we start the solution by stating the problem. This works because it allows you to key in on a specific progress point. I have been stuck in the same cycle unnecessarily all because I wasn't being specific enough. Well now that I've done it, you dont have to. Im telling you.. make your list, check it twice and then check it again for the details that will make you better.

Example problems:

I haven't learned any new techniques this year.

I don't know where to get started with animation in cinema 4d.

I think I can have my folders/projects organized better for faster iteration.

Step 2: Define potential solves

Make sure these solves have a date attached to them. Also make sure they have a measurable way to confirm you are hitting the mark. Example solves: Every weekend I will research and implement a new technique on a simple project. I will write out my schedule at the beginning of every week leaving time for tutorials.

I will ask other creatives how they start a project and organize their folders.

Step 3: Self Assessment

Even though this is a self assessment, there's is nothing wrong with the buddy system. Get a friend or group of friends that will act as your accountability partners. This can look like an email chain, a weekly meeting or a journal that you keep your progress notes in. Date it and be consistent.

Example assessment:

I've yet to learn anything new this year. I researched new techniques 3 out of 4 weekends this month. 2 of these are techniques I will continue to use. Great job me! I will try it for another month. See you in 30 days self.

If you haven't made the progress you would like, go back to step two and brainstorm a different set of potential solves. Its okay to do this over and over. Be persistent and know that some of your favorite artists struggled in their own ways before becoming the powerhouses they are today.

In conclusion, lets identify the area for improvement.

Lets make measurable actions with hard dates attached to them and let's remember to assess ourselves. Getting a creative mentor or joining an online community of like minded folks can help push your skills beyond plus ultra!

Okay, you know what time it is.

If you like me, say so with a like, share or subscribe. I appreciate you.

Peace and happy creating!

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