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Danielin3d starts his blog!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Do you like design, 3d and visual effects? Well my name is Daniel and I have created content for over 2 decades now! About eleven of those last 20 years have been in an agency/studio setting so this should be relevant for my industry peers and any new comers looking to level up. Moving forward, I'd like to give back to the community by sharing some tips and techniques I've use along with any processes I may be struggling with in hopes that we become a stronger community by learning together. Im a problem solver by nature and Im excited to provide any insights! I've worn many hats like designer, cg generalist, vfx supervisor and more.

You can expect cool industry related news along with a few of my favorite hobbies and resources for getting work done. Topics will range from 3d graphics to motion design to visual effects and new cool tech. I may nerd out and share anime, comics or movies but for the most part Im bringing knowledge around the creative field. I'll keep this first post short and sweet but I hope you'll join for the ride and feel free to send over any topics you think I can help shed some light on. One quick warning: I'm a nerd but but a cool one!

This is new for me so be patient but more than that get excited! Share, like and subscribe if you like what I'm doing or find my content useful. I can be found online following the @danielin3d handle but if you are here.. chances are you can click and find me below!

Okay, Im all warmed up :) Peace and happy creating!

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